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We believe that the ocean heals. Get away from the drumbeat and feel a deeply relaxing, stimulating vibe that will refresh your outlook on life. Our 48 ft catamaran is comfortable, sleek, and stable. We customize cruises according to your needs and wishes. You will love the ride, the crew and your experience on The Sea Bubble. 

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2 girls

1/2 day on the Bay

The Bubble is yours for 4 hours. This includes fuel, captain, a crew and mostly lots of fun and pleasure. Sail on the Biscayne bay, anchor for an hour in a beautiful spot to swim and play, relax on the way back.


Full day sailing

Reserve The Bubble for a full day and create memories of a lifetime on the Biscayne Bay, away from all worries, fully immersed with sun and wind in the goodness of the ocean. The friendly crew is here for you. 

Starboard stern cabin


A mini vacation spending the day and night at sea, as romantic as can be for couples, perfect for a family or a group of good friends Enjoy stargazing and sleep like a baby, rocked by the gentle movement of the water.

Sunset Meditation

We get out most Wednesday afternoons with a few friends and invite you to spontaneously join us to enjoy an epic time while watching the sunset, solo or with a group. Bring snacks and smiles. Call us for details

Tchin Cockpit

Sundays we shut down the phones and disconnect from everything to recharge. Sail away with us, alone or with your friends on our carefree journey above the majestic waters of the bay.

Call us for information.

Birthday ceremony

Birthday, Anniversary, graduation, we customize the cruise to make this special moment unforgettable. We are very creative! Wellness cruises with sound healing, yoga, meditation, massage available.

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After having spent a whole weekend on board wonderful bubble. I wanted to thank the whole crew for their welcome and their professionalism. The atmosphere on board was incredible.I liked the comfort of the cabins and the colorful lights all over the boat that give different moods. The decoration is stylish and cozy at the same time. | highly recommend the sailing bubble to anyone who wants to have a good time.


Franck Tramontina
Onboard "The Bubble" on
December 10, 2022

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