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Half day at sea

$1750 up to 13 persons


Join us sailing on the Biscayne Bay for 4 hours.


Relax, get tanned,  socialize,  learn how to sail while we cruise in the Biscayne Bay. 


Dive, swim, snorkel, skurf when we anchor in a nice spot .


Smile, laugh, dance, play, this is a place of freedom.


You will feel and see the benefits immediately:

      relaxed, free, out of your routine, Physically tired (like after a good session at the gym), nicer look, connected with yourself and your family/friends/colleagues

Pick your time  between 9 am and 8 pm.

Price includes Fuel, water & ice

Captain : $300

Full day at sea

$2150 up to 13 persons

Instead of spending yet another 8-hour day chained to your job and responsibilities, take a day off and come for a ride with us that will change your perspective.  Get away from the humdrum monotonous drumbeat and feel a stimulating new vibe that will refresh your outlook on life.  Plenty of time to relax, read, think refreshing new thoughts, swim, enjoy the surroundings and camaraderie with each other and our crew.  Snacks and refreshments and togetherness or solitude as you prefer, enjoyed in the fresh ocean breezes and the unique feelings and sensations of moving on the water under the power of the wind.  It is unlike anything else.  Our catamaran is comfortable, sleek and stable, you will love the ride and your day. 

We sail back and arrive a the dock after sunset.

Go to info page for more.

Price includes Fuel, water & ice

Captain : $350

Bocca Chica
Bubble in rainbow
Overnight cruise

$2100, up to 6 persons

Spend a full day and night away from your frets and anxieties, away from noise and petty problems, reconnect with yourself and the world at its essence.  Reflect on the love and goodness in your life. Contemplate the vastness of the universe, gaze up at a star-filled night sky unlike you’ve ever seen. Sleep in your private cabin like a baby as the gentle motion is as if being lightly rocked in a cradle.  Wake at your own pace to a stimulating breakfast of fresh fruits and pastries, muffins, juice, coffee and more.  Breathe in the clean fresh air under the open sky while looking out to the horizon in every direction : only the blissful presence of mother nature in all her glory.  Swim, snorkel in beautiful fish and coral filled blue waters and feel alive in this purest part of the planet. 

Go to info page for more.

Price includes Fuel, water & ice

Departure around noon, return after sunset the next day

Captain : $450

Longer cruises

$1750 / day, up to 6 persons

Let's take the time to reach the Florida Keys or The Bahamas.

Charter our sailing catamaran for a few days or weeks and let go!

The Sea Bubble has sailed so many miles between Africa, Europe, Argentina, Panama and Rode Island, she is an experimented cruiser and will take you safely and quickly to the most beautiful destinations.


Contact us for more info

Birthday ceremony

Special moments in life


Create memories of a life time!


We organize customized trips to celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, engagement, wedding, bachelors / bachelorettes, retirement....


We can provide DJ, healers, instructors, cakes, food and drinks depending of your wishes


Too many options to list all of them !


Contact us with your ideas !

Sunday ⛵️ Sailday

A fun way to spend your Sunday

Most of Sundays, we cruise with friends and may be able to offer you the possibility to discover the pleasure of sailing in the Biscayne bay.


We like to leave in the morning in order to reach further anchorage at the beginning of the afternoon after some fun time sailing.


At anchor, we will enjoy all the activities available: relaxation, snorkeling, swimming, surfing, wing surf, yoga, etc....


We set sail again after a few hours, enjoy the sunset while sailing and arrive at the marina at the beginning of the night.

When weather permits, we go to Fowey Rocks, Boca Chita or Elliott Key. 

Contact us for available spots and actual time / dates!

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